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Graphic Design Portfolio

PROJECT 1: Personal Branding

Personal Logo of Qalmado sa Doha

Personal Logo of Qalmado sa Doha:

Big Q – To emphasize the uniqueness of the name. It’s ‘Q’ because Qalmado sa Doha is an OFW based in Qatar.

6 Lines inside the letter Q – are guitar strings. Qalmado sa Doha’s aim is to share his passion for music and songwriting.

Zigzag – Is an added quirk. we want to have a little connection with the national flag of Qatar. It is where Qalmado sa Doha started his journey in songwriting.

Alternate Logos / Brand Badges:

Qalmado sa Doha’s Promotional Posts on Facebook & YouTube

Qalmado sa Doha’s Youtube Thumbnails

Song Title: Pusong Suwail
Song Title: Ang Pag-lapag
Song Title: Nadarama

PROJECT 2: Minimalist Logos

Sample of Logo Mock Up:

PROJECT 3: YouTube Thumbnails

Photo Editing

3D Effect

Other Graphic Works I Did

“White space is like air; it is necessary for the design to breathe.”

-Wojciech Zielinski

“Design is thinking made visual.”

-Saul Bass

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