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Happiness in Cooking

A fresh, bright orange, and crunchy-looking carrot in the fridge invites me to cook something good for my family. Cooking has been my way of expressing my love for them. It makes me giggle when they’re requesting me to cook their favorite dishes. It is like an assurance to myself that I am somehow good at cooking.

Cooking is very therapeutic, we all know that. Going to the grocery stores and being able to buy every ingredient that you need for all the dishes you’re planning to cook for the whole week is like being on cloud nine. Woohoo! And when you get home, that excitement of storing all the grocery items in the cabinets and in the fridge is incomparable. Do you also open your fridge and just stare at it? I know exactly the feeling.

Filipino home-cooked meals are my favorites, it is where my passion for cooking started. These meals are easy to cook and an all-time favorite meal in every Filipino’s home. There’s Adobo, Sinigang na Baboy, Pochero, Caldereta, and Kare-Kare, just to name a few. Weekend meals with the family are what I always look forward to. I remember when I was a kid, I sometimes watch my mom cook and wonder how she came up with such good-smelling dishes.

Every cook out there has their own style and way of cooking. Each of them has its specialty, and sometime they won’t tell you their secret ingredients. Imagine you have a secret recipe and the people around you are trying to copy your dish to get the same taste. That is something that you can be proud of yourself for, Isn’t it? I actually remember how my Mother-in-Law keeps telling me how my ‘Guisadong Bagoong’ (Sauteed Shrimp Paste) tasted so good. She even tried to encourage me to turn it into a business, ‘Kristine’s Guisadong Bagoong’. I did not pursue it ‘coz I might be tempted to eat bagoong every day. LOL

Good food will always bring people together. It makes people bond and connects with each other. Getting food as a potluck during special occasions is a chance to share our specialty recipes with our loved ones. We create unforgettable memories through the delicious food we serve.

My mom’s favorite dish is Pancit Guisado, (Pancit Guisado/Bihon is a staple food of Filipino. It is a stir-fried noodle with vegetables, pork/chicken meat, and shrimp.) whenever she’s requesting something from me, it would be to cook pancit for her.

I’ll be sharing with you an old video, it’s a video where I shared how I cooked Pancit Guisado. it was me, 6 years ago trying to be a food vlogger. I called my vlog, ‘For the Love of Cooking’.

How to Cook Healthy Pancit Bihon by Mommy Tin ( For the Love of Cooking)

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