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Graphic Designs

Figuring out how you can come up with a design that will catch the attention of your prospective customers is no easy job. I have an eye for graphic design. Let me handle the creative aspect of your business and let me fill your social accounts with attractive and inviting marketing content.

Content Writing / Email Writing

I am always enthusiastic about email writing and I find pleasure in responding to emails. I am quite savvy when it comes to writing, I check everything from the information I share, grammar, and down to the tone of my message. I always make sure to make the receiver feel that the message is intended personally for her/him.

Data Building/Research

I know that business owners should be at the top of everything, we all agree, but you should not be doing a lot of tasks in repetition and you should not waste your time. Why not delegate it to someone and start paying attention to the things that will grow your business? Being organized and neat is my innate personality, and I can use these skills to create effective data presentations in Google Sheets. 

Calendar Management

I know how important to you to be on track with all the things you need to accomplish and meetings to attend. Let me handle your schedule, plot it in your calendar, and coordinate with attendees. I can assure you that you wouldn’t need to worry about missed schedules and unattended meetings. 

Featured Graphic Designs

Brand logo of Qalmado sa Doha. He is a songwriter in the Philippines. The lines are the guitar strings that truly represent the identity of the brand. The logo is simple and attractive.

Thumbnail for my cooking vlog. I want it to look homey and inviting. I chose minimal designs and a warm-tone color palette because I want it to look neat and pleasing in the eye of everyone’s visiting my channel.

Father’s Day greeting card. Simple yet catchy and attractive. I always aim for something simple, attractive, and refreshing.

One of the tasks I did during my internship at Freelance Academy Philippines.

Marketing content creation for their LinkedIn account.

Your Next Creative Virtual Assistant

Creates Neat & Nice Graphic Designs for Social Media Marketing Content